May. 8th, 2017

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So, this is awkward. There was one fill this week, but no team was specified - what do you say we split the difference and award each team 3.33(repeating) points? ;)

This week's prompt is #17 - Alternate Universe

Put the characters smack dab on a different world! Who would they be if they ended up as desert nomads? How about in a casino in Las Vegas? Or stuck in a spaceship, lived at the circus, were underground cave dwellers?

Give them special powers to get rid of all that materia stuff! Is Genesis a telepathic? Is Sephiroth a Turk? Are any of them superheroes?

What if Reeve was robotic and Cait Sith built him to be a butler? Suppose the women were the members of SOLDIER - would Scarlet be akin to Sephiroth? Would Cloud be tending the bar while Tifa saves the world?

This week, take reality and shift it to the left, give it a vigorous shake of the imagination and see what alternate universe you can come up with for the characters! But remember to write it in just 100 words.
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[personal profile] kalloway was asking if there existed a collection for this comm on AO3. To my knowledge, there is not, so she suggested I set up a poll to gauge interest in such a thing. Only problem - only paid accounts can set up polls, and I'm broke. XD

Soooo, I invite you to pop your thoughts in the comments. Are you on AO3? Would you like to see an AO3 collection? Or are you not bothered? ;)


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