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Questionable Negotiations
Characters: Reno, Rude
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: Never try to trick a trickster

“Give it back to me! I’m not kidding yo!” Reno stood in ShinRa tower’s break room, pleading with his partner. “You don’t have any reason to keep it from me”

Rude ignored him, long experience telling him it was the most effective way to deal with Reno’s tantrums.

“Come on partner. Just give it back to me! Where is it?”


A diabolical smile spread across Reno’s face, “I’ll tell the boss exactly how his really expensive car just happened to blow up.”

Rude’s eyes suddenly went wide and his skin visibly paled, “Third floor utility closet.”

“Good choice, yo.”

When In Doubt, C-4
Characters: Reno, Tseng
Author's Notes: Am I the only person that thinks that Reno and Rude teaming up with Jamie and Adam would be the most awesome/frightening thing ever?

“Hey Tseng, you know how the boss makes us dispose of the decommissioned explosives?”

The question received a suspicious glare from the Turk leader, “Yes Reno. Why?”

“Yeah, well, there’s this new show on TV called Mythbusters and they have the most brilliant ideas!”

“No Reno.”

“Awww, but all I’d need is some C-4, a microwave, a blasting cap-”

“Not happening Reno.”

“Well how about a duct tape cannon?”


Reno pouted but quickly rallied, “Oh, I need to you sign off on the requisition for a hundred liters of Diet Coke and fifty packs of Mentos.”

“Fine… wait, what?”

Prompt #67

Nov. 10th, 2010 09:31 pm
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Last week, SOLDIER got some snooping in! They read everyone's diary for 10 points and captured the trophy once again. ^_^

This week's prompt is #67 - Reno

Here's a Reno, there's a Reno...

What do his coworkers think of him?  Can he drink anyone under the table? Does he smoke? What does his apartment look like? What's in his pockets? Is he really a handful of trouble? What was he like as a child? Are those markings tattoos or scars and how did he get them? Natural redhead, or dyed? Is he giving Tseng headaches again? Does he really have an oral fixation or a bomb fetish?

This week, Reno has to be included in the drabble - whether about him, someone talking about him, or an appearance from him - but make that drabble only 100 words.

mod note: sorry this is late - it has been crazy busy here.


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