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Boot camp? What's that? Avalanche is sleeping late and blowing off exercise this week. SOLDIER's too busy flirting with pretty flower girls. That leaves the Turks, in a tortoise-vs-hare scenario, to win the diligence trophy. 20 points and congratulations are theirs!

This week's prompt is #21 - Deadly Sin: Wrath

There is a point where anger mutates and grows stronger, becoming the stuff of violence and murder. Rage, fury, the very wrath of gods are the daily bread of Turks, eco-terrorists and SOLDIERs alike. Does a Turk take-down go sour, resulting in a below-plate splatterfest? Did one of Hojo's assistants get a little clumsy and bring down the wrath of the mad scientist? How far will Kadaj go to reach his Reunion, and how many will fall before the rage of the god reborn? Or is Genesis just highly ticked off at a bad review of "Loveless" and taking it to the streets?

Whatever degree of unjustified fury, whatever method of destruction and however many bodies line the road of rage, give us your worst - but only in 100 words.


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