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Title: Rosso Got To Hold A Natural Wonder of Perfection
Characters/Pairings: Yuffie/Vincent
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #24 - Deadly Sin: Envy
Author's Note:  The origin for "But Coveting Thy Neighbor's Property..."

During the hours that slowly dragged by inside the Shadowfox, Yuffie gripped Vincent’s too cold, too pale, all but lifeless hand. She had never seen him this close to actual absolute death.

Out of desperation Yuffie even tried praying for him. She really tried, but the same damned image kept intruding into her mind.

Never before had Yuffie seen anything so close to perfection. It must have been three thousand karats, like right out of a fable. The perfect piece of materia. Crystal clear, colorless, absolutely flawless.

Rosso has it.

Yuffie squeezed her eyes shut as she squeezed Vincent’s hand.

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"Rosso has it." - Ha, it's absolutely 100% Yuffie! I like how she struggles with her inner, irritating thoughts, it's something we all could (probably ;)) relate to, and it gives her depth without throwing away the humour in her canonical characterisation.


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