Jun. 15th, 2015

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Got a prompt suggestion?

Please leave your suggestion in the comment section.

All prompts received will be used and credited in a future prompt session. If you do not want to be credited please comment anonymously or decline in the comment.

Prompt #1

Jun. 15th, 2015 08:45 am
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Rebooting this community starts now! I can’t wait to see which direction you will take this one - good luck!.

This week's prompt is #1 - Photograph

Is Cloud trying to put things in perspective by looking at an old photograph of Zack? Is Tifa taking pictures of Denzel and Marlene? Does Cid have a picture of his wife somewhere on the deck of the Shera or does he consider that bad luck? Are the Turks fighting over a chick in a magazine during their morning coffee break?  Is Sephiroth having to endure another round of photo ops? Does Hojo throw darts at a picture of Hollander when he is frustrated? Can Rufus stand to have his picture taken? Is Genesis a bit camera shy?

Feel free to take the characters back to their childhood days as well - with that dreaded school photo, the prom picture, the proud snapshot-happy parents!

Whatever fills the camera's lens, make it picture perfect in just 100 words!

Please follow the posting format in the profile rules and run wild. (Tagging will be done by the mod.)


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