Jan. 15th, 2017

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 No points were awarded for last week's... er, lack-of-prompt.

This week's prompt is #01 - Red XIII/Nanaki

When we first meet this mysterious... person (what species is he, anyway?), he's grudgingly going by Red XIII, a designation given to him by Professor Hojo - yet as we soon discover, his true name is Nanaki, his home is Cosmo Canyon, and he's a warrior for the Planet from nose to tail. This week, we're celebrating all things Nanaki.

Who is Nanaki? What's his history? How did he end up in Hojo's clutches? How does he relate to the other characters? What are his dreams and aspirations? And for the love of little chocobos, where did those tiny Nanakis in the end clip come from?

However you choose to engage with Nanaki, do it in 100 words.


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