Feb. 6th, 2017

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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #04 - Midgar.

Midgar: a floating city with a dramatic visual split between the haves and have-nots. It's also the seat of power of the Shinra Corporation, the megaconglomerate that de facto rules the world. And it is here where the story of FFVII begins.

This week, dive into the city of Midgar. What's it like to live on a floating city? What's it like to live under it? What secrets does it hold, and what will it take to unearth those secrets? You can explore Midgar through the eyes of Cloud, Rufus Shinra, Aeris, Nanaki and the rest; or introduce us to some of Midgar's other inhabitants. OCs welcome!

However you choose to explore Midgar, remember to do it in just 100 words.


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