Feb. 27th, 2017

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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #07 - Zack Fair

That's right, this week we take an in-depth look at everyone's favorite black-haired SOLDIER.

Well, maybe not everyone's favorite... Why DID Genesis trip him, instead of just belting him in the chops, anyway?

Come to think of it, was Angeal really that fond of his "puppy", or did the kid tend to piddle when excited? Does Zack have avoidance issues - with Hojo, most likely, but what about his buddy, Kunsel? Does Cloud hold Zack up on a pedestal, or does he think of the guy as a big brother type?

Does Aerith kiss and tell?

Does Cissnei?

Whether it's told from Zack's point of view, said about him behind his back, or leaked to the press flailed over by his fan club in Midgar, give us 100 words of your Fairest fic.


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