Apr. 10th, 2017

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You sure do like your office subplots here on the comm, guys. :D This week ends with AVALANCHE submitting all paperwork on time and in the proper format for a whopping 60 points and the trophy! SOLDIER turns in one coffee-stained report for 10 points. The Turks came into the office disheveled and hungover; no year-end bonus for you lot. ;)

This week's prompt is #13 - Cosmo Canyon.

Cosmo Canyon: a place of reflection, memory, learning, and the Study of Planet Life. It's also Nanaki's hometown and the place Barret's AVALANCHE was formed. If you want a lesson on Lifestream science and lore, an exposition dump, a place to stash your Huge Materia or a truly nightmare-inducing subquest, this is where you point your buggy.

(Seriously, I still have nightmares about those spiders.)

This week, explore the ins and outs, crags and canyons, and hidden secrets of Cosmo Canyon. Who lives there, and for how long? Is there a thriving trade in tourism and education, or are they cut off from the world? What's the local cuisine like? What about the local music? You can take a peek at Cosmo Canyon through the eyes of longtime residents like Nanaki or Bugenhagen, first-time visitors like Cloud, or even through the eyes of residents we haven't met yet. OCs are welcome!

But remember, no matter how you take in the local color, do it in 100 words.


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