May. 17th, 2017

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Title: Waiting for Warmth
Characters/Pairings: Vincent/Lucrecia, Lucrecia/Hojo
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #18 - Spring

Spring arrived late in Nibelheim. Although the days had grown longer and the trees had budded, the sky remained grey, the ground muddy. Vincent scraped his shoes at the entrance of the manor. Once inside he unbuttoned his overcoat and untied his scarf. Light flooded out from the doorways of Gast’s, Hojo’s, and Lucrecia’s offices. They often worked past midnight.

Vincent wanted to visit Lucrecia but turned away when he heard Hojo speaking with her. Instead Vincent trotted up the stairs, his footfalls purposefully heavy.

If Lucrecia cared to see him, she knew where to find him. He would wait.

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Title: Of Ephemerality and Immortality
Characters/Pairings: Vincent/Yuffie
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Prompt: #18 - Spring
Author's Notes: Yuffie, in her early 30s, leaves Reeve's WRO and returns to Wutai. Vincent goes with her to Wutai as her companion.

Vincent attended his first cherry blossom festival shortly after moving to Wutai. He asked Yuffie if he should recite poetry.

“When were you born?!” Yuffie scoffed. “Two hundred and thirty years ago?”

“Seventy-three years.”

Yet he remained twenty-seven.

Old ladies in Wutai whispered of how he looked like a ghost from a folktale. There was truth in this, he was Shinra’s specter.

A fragile sea of pink floated overhead. Already blossom petals had fallen to the ground while the crowd ate, drank, and made the most of the ephemeral flowers. They enjoyed what is, for life is short.


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