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Title: Before I Rust Away
Rating: T
Characters: Cloud Strife, The Buster Sword
Words: 100

Master, please. Set me down.

I have sliced through your enemies and torn apart those who would harm you. I have borne the weather, the strain, the creeping rust that forms when you are too tired or too lost to wipe the drying blood from me.

I remember the master before, how he entrusted you to me. I will protect you for as long as I am able. Already, though, I am weakening; when you swing me I strain and warp.

Please, replace me. To break on the battlefield-to fail you when you need me most-would be unbearable.
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Title: Mourning Clothes
Characters/Pairings: Turks, Gen
Team: Your team - Turks
Word Count: 100

Though few in Shinra know it, the Turks do have a dress code. Blue is for everyday wear-the color hides bloodstains well. Black is for formal events, when they have to pretend to be a legitimate organization. White is for funerals.

They never attend, of course-none of them can afford to abandon their missions for something so pointless and ceremonial. But, as inevitable as it is, it can be a bit sad to lose one of their own.

It’s a small gesture, but a gesture nonetheless: whenever a Turk dies, the rest of them don white.


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