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Title: Meeting
Characters/Pairings: Most of the Shinra executives
Word Count: 120
Series: Crisis Core
Prompt: First Line
Author's Notes: First line is from "Celtic Beauty" by Winifred Phillips. "Leborcham" changed to "Lazard", "king" to "president", and "her" to his".

Lazard could not help watching the president with an undercurrent of contempt in his eyes. Fortunately the room was dark and he knew that his father was too wrapped up in his own pompous blustering and graphs declaring Shinra’s might to monitor the reactions of the executives seated before him. Heiddeger’s snoring would draw unwanted attention, but glares, eye rolls and carefully controlled expressions of disbelief could take place with the president none the wiser.

As Lazard glanced around the table, he noted doodles of weapons schematics and molecular formulas, a haiku written in Old Wutainese, and Sephiroth’s almost completed buzzword bingo sheet. He glanced down at his own card and got back to work.


Oct. 30th, 2011 06:22 pm
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Title: Eternity
Characters/Pairings: Genesis, Angeal
Word Count: 111, including first line.
Series:  Crisis Core
Author's Notes: First line is from the short story "Bed of Roses" by Elisabeth Waters.  This drabble originated from the comments for "Paddle Faster"

“You do realize, don’t you, that this is entirely your fault.”

I wanted to go to that spa in Junon, but nooo, you had to trek into the woods with the mud and bugs and don’t we get enough of that on missions, just so you could photograph stupid birds.  We could have been enjoying gourmet meals and pedicures, but now we’re dead, Angeal, and I’m stuck with wet, non-artfully tousled hair for eternity and “died in a canoe accident”! What kind of an obituary is that for a hero and a scholar?!  This is your fault and... hey!  Don’t you dissolve off into the Lifestream while I’m yelling at you!”


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