Prompt #68

Nov. 16th, 2010 12:42 pm
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SOLDIER grabbed up the trophy this round with a good 20 points. 

This week's prompt is #68 - Birthdays

Everyone has a birthday and this week is all about that cake and ice cream!

Have the Turks managed to keep Tseng's surprise birthday party a surprise? Is Cloud sulking alone somewhere during his birthday celebration?  Has Zack managed to get Sephiroth the weirdest birthday gift ever? Is Genesis dragging two unwilling SOLDIERS to  a presentation of Loveless again for his birthday? Are Kadaj and his brothers taking over the local pizzaria (Chucky Cheese) to celebrate their shared birthday?  Does Kunsel have a special birthday text message for Zack?  Is Tifa making a special cake for Barret with Marlene's help?  Would Reno jump out of a big cake for Rufus' birthday gala?  How does Vincent spend his birthdays? Is Hojo lamenting another year older?

Celebrate a birthday in just 100 words!


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