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Because it works both ways. :) (I can post now, yay!)

Challenge: clichés
Character(s): Elena, Reno, Tseng, Rude
Team: Turks
Word count: 91

Miss Cloud syndrome

Elena tossed back her head and ran a hand over her gelled back hair, before pushing a black fedora in place. She struck a pose in her three piece black suit, complete with a black shirt and white tie covering her bound and flattened breasts.

Reno put his hands on his hips, and scowled at Tseng. “I swear if she gets picked by our target as the cutest guy, I'll scream.”

Both Rude as Tseng sighed. Elena giggled. “You'd jeopardize the mission because I'm better looking? That's so girlish!”
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Came in through comment. Written by [identity profile]

Challenge: clichés
Character: Reno, Rufus
Team: Turks
Word count: 99

Derelict ghost-ship

Reno shivered in the gloom, though not from the cold, salty air. “You sure there ain't a better way?”

“I'm sure there is...” Rufus said with an exaggerated sweet voice. He used his foot to push aside rotting crates, broken rope, checking every inch of the ship's wooden hull. “If someone hadn't crashed our helicopter against a seaside cliff.”

Hesitantly, he held up a pointed finger. “Yeah, but...” Cold air blew over his neck. Something moved in the corner of his eye. He jerked his head to the side. ...nothing there. “I can't pilot a ghost ship.”

Prompt #52

Jul. 13th, 2010 05:21 pm
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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #52 - Clichés

You've all seen the clichés of the fandom and sworn that you'd never use them. This week, we are giving you the chance to blatantly ignore your conscience and throw those gaming clichés into your drabble.

You may use any of the clichés from the list located in The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés. Included in this list are 192 clichés with such gems as:

- "No! My beloved peasant village!"
- The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God (Cloud Rule)
- Aeris's Corollary
- They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To (Cid Rule)
- Place Transvestite Joke Here (Miss Cloud Rule)
- Wutai Rule

Just reading these gaming clichés is good for a few laughs if not a spark of inspiration or two! Or if you have a cliché not listed, feel free to drabble it for us anyway!

So, no matter which cliché you endorse, you must write it for us in just 100 words!


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