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The Turks were very fond of Cait Sith last week. They took the trophy home with 10 points! The other teams are on holiday.

This week's prompt is #141 - Contagious

Laughter. Yawning. Sentient alien viruses. What do these things have in common? They're contagious, though virulence and recovery rates do vary: not every contagion is biological, after all, and those that aren't may be the hardest to resist.

Which is more contagious, Genesis' degraded cells or his call to rebellion against Shinra? Does Aerith's rain cure Geostigma only to set off a fever of religious fervor or outright superstition? With black-cloaked figures around every corner, does Avalanche suffer an outbreak of rapidly-spreading paranoia?

Does mako treatment grant immunity to Wutaian swamp fever? How about chocobo pox? Then, there's always those humble and humbling agents of unwellbeing: seasonal influenza and venereal disease, both known to spread like wildfire.

Make them miserable, or fevered with strange dreams. Whether bacterial, viral, alien, or ideological, spread the contagion. Give 'em your worst in 100 words, but don't worry; everyone will feel better in about a week.


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