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Title: Sephiroth's diary
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth
Team: SOLDIER (?)
Rating: none
Word Count: 100
Series: Crisis Core
Author's Notes: New member, this is my first post. I hope everything is in order.

Dear diary,

The week has gone fairly well, the Wutai campaign is going strong, with the aid of Genesis and I. Angeal chose to stay behind at Shinra to train his ‘puppy’ for the first class exams. Zack would undoubtedly make a fine addition to the ranks of first class, if only the boy had more decorum; he apparently saw it fit to raid my wardrobe and replace several of my clothing with more… colorful options, claiming my selection to be too dull.

I shall have to end here, as I’ve promised to meet Genesis at the mess tent.
Can I ask, is the author tag necessary?

Prompt #66

Oct. 26th, 2010 03:09 pm
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No points were awarded for the last prompt.

This week's prompt is #66 - Diary

Whether you call it a diary or a journal, it is relatively the same thing - private thoughts committed to paper as a testament that you lived. Even online journals are a form of diary. Yes, the whole world can read them (within reason), but they can still contain your deepest darkest thoughts.

This week, give a character a diary.

Would Genesis' journal consist of Odes to Loveless? Does Tifa jazz up her diary with little hearts and flowers? Would Kunsel resort to sneaking a peak at Zack's private journal? Does Reno sell assorted SOLDIER paraphernalia in his online blog? What would Cloud write? Does Sephiroth resort to mad ramblings of Mother in a well worn journal?

Personal and private? Not anymore! Write it in just 100 words.


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