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Title: Forgiveness
Characters/Pairings: Aerith, Cait Sith
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Author's Note: Sometimes what's needed isn't tangible.

The giant pink mog slumped dejectedly over the tiny cat, several feet from the fire. Barrett had made clear that if the robotic cat got close enough for fiery branches to be hurled in its direction, they would be.

Aerith made her way over to them, noting Cait was careful not to watch the group in case it was interpreted as the Shinra Spy watching. She took a clip from her hair and held it out. "It's okay, you can look at me."

Cait looked up, reached for the clip with wide eyes. "Why?"

"Because I forgive you," said Aerith.
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Apparently Avalanche and SOLDIER are all giving a pass to Temperance this week. The Turks, however, showed surprising restraint in their line of work to grab the trophy for 10 points.

This week's prompt is #133 - Heavenly Virtues: Charity

The antithesis to greed, charity gives freely to those in need. Does Aerith decide to give her flowers a good home to random passersby, for free? If Zack had made it to Midgar and become a mercenary, would he have done Good Deeds for the needy? As a kid, did Angeal organize a donation drive for a sick friend?

Might a repentant Rufus Shinra give his last dime to an orphanage? Would Sephiroth donate his hair to Locks of Love?

Whatever form of giving strikes your fancy, give us 100 words of it.


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