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Title: Migrane
Characters/Pairings: Tifa, Cloud, Barrett, Cait Sith
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100


Tifa bit back a sigh as Cloud stumbled forward, one of his 'headaches' starting again. She moved to provide support as needed, catching him before he could hit the ground.

"Guess we ain't goin' anywhere else tonight," grumbled Barrett. "Set up camp here."

The giant pink Mog leaned forward over Cloud, the little caped cat perched atop it lowering ears and tail in a worried fashion. "It's been happening more often, hasn't it."

Tifa laid the softly moaning Cloud out gently, and sat down beside him. "I'll take the first watch," she said. "Best you all get some sleep."
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Ah, chastity. Leave it to the Turks to get it all mixed up with the fun stuff. They take the trophy with 10 points and a smile.

This week's prompt is #132 - Heavenly Virtues: Temperance

The Seven Heavenly Virtues Wiki gives this bit of definition: Constant mindfulness of others and one's surroundings; practicing self-control, abstention, and moderation. Temperance is also the 14th major arcana card in a tarot deck, almost always featuring an angelic figure diluting wine with water.

Would Tifa try to spare her clientele a hangover, and dilute the booze? Or does she have to get Cloud to step in when the guy at the bar has had enough? Are SOLDIERs expected to abstain before a battle? How does Tseng maintain his own self discipline when Reno's in the room? And do I even need to mention Angeal by name?

You've had your chance to be wild. Now be temperate, and let's see it in 100 words.


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