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Title: Kinbaku
Characters/Pairings: Rufus/Reeve
Rating/Type: NC-17
Team: Turks. Only because Shinra isn't a team tho.
Word Count: 100
A/N: I took #72 - Kinks and Fetishes. Yes, really.

The kink's name is the title. )
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Title : Bedtime Story
Characters: Cloud and Vincent Valentine
Rating: G is for vampire XD
Team: Avalanche (because I haven't written for this team in a while.....)
Word Count :100
Prompt: Kinks and Fetishes

“I said no, and that's final!!” Cloud was adamant.

“It has a swans down mattress, and silk sheets.”

“I don't care!”

“It sleeps two, and you can program in music from the hidden console. You can lie down with your headphones on and never have to get up for anything!”

“Vincent, what is it about the word no that you fail to comprehend?!.” Cloud was becoming annoyed.

“It has magic fingers!.” Vincent pressed a console button, and the bed began to vibrate.

“ I don't care if it dances a jig- I'm not sleeping in a bed shaped like a coffin!!.”
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Title: How Rumors Get Started
Characters: Reno and Sephiroth
Rating: PG for, well, sexually suggestive content
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Kinks and Fetishes



“Come here. I want to ask you something,” Sephiroth motioned for Reno to come into his office.

“At your service, yo.”

“I’m glad you say that Reno. I want you to feel my fur,” said Sephiroth, rummaging in the chest in the middle of the room. “Do you think it will be warm enough for...” Sephiroth trailed off as he turned and found himself talking to no one, the door to his office slamming shut. He pitched the fur-lined coat back into the chest irritably. “I don’t understand! He’s the fourth person today to react in that manner!”
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Title: Everybody Wants Some!!
Characters: Cloud and Zack
Team: Soldier
Rating: M for lingerie and a song by Van Halen
Word Count:100
Prompt: Kinks and Fetishes

Read more... )

Prompt #72

Jan. 17th, 2011 10:38 am
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Vincent managed to bring in 10 points and the trophy for the Turks this week.

This week's prompt is #72 - Kinks and Fetishes

Everyone has something that turns them on or something that they obsess over.

Perhaps Hojo has a foot fetish or Hollander likes to be tied up? Does Lucrecia have a thing for scientists? Maybe Cloud really gets a kick out of long hair or Tifa loves men's clothing?  Does Zack have a thing for panties? Kunsel into the anonimity of helmets? Does Loveless turn into foreplay for Genesis?  Does Sephiroth like the clang of his sword on another sword. Is Loz into leather; Yazoo into velvet? And Angeal - he is just too damn quiet not to have a few kinks hidden away in a trunk of toys.

Regardless of the kink or fetish, let us see them in just 100 words.

Reminder: please keep all NSFW drabbles behind a cut.  ^_^


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