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Who feels the most trapped in life? Avalanche feels like they have no clean air to breathe with the ShinRa company monopolizing everything - even the planet. They take the trophy again this week with 30 points. Meanwhile SOLDIER is stuck in the ShinRa box with 10 points. The Turks feel as free as a bird but that doesn't stop them from getting stuck in the elevator with their 10 points. What does that say about ShinRa Electric? ^_^

The prompt for this week is #9 - Life or Death

Life and death situations smack so many of characters of Final Fantasy VII in the face - probably more often then they would wish it did. Do I save a friend or save myself? How do I live when so many I cherish are gone? Can I live for someone else?

No matter who you write about (Vincent, Tifa, Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, etc.), have them face the questions of life or death in only 100 words.

*reworked due to triggering aspects.


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