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Last week the Turks swapped their way into winning the trophy with 10 points! Avalanche and SOLDIER decided to let this prompt blow over until this week.

This week's prompt is #145 - Puns

Happy Punday, everyone! This week, we're going to encourage you to use the worst language you know: Heinous Puns. Or, if you agree with Isaac Asimov, the best language, as he held puns as the highest form of wit. So, I guess that would make the prompt Highness Puns...

Has Rufus just blurted out something unexpected at a bored meeting? Is Cloud having a rainy day as his problems a-cumulus? Did Sephiroth snap because he learned that "Jenova" actually means "Momster" in Old Cetra? Does Reeve worry that Cait Sith is getting a little hard of herring?

From the subtle to the ridiculous, put bad words in their mouths - but keep it under 100, for all our sakes.


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