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Well, it was a mildly uncomfortable week, but I'm happy to report that your intrepid mod has made a full recovery! Let's celebrate by flooding my reading list with drabbles. >D

This week's prompt is #28 - Reeve Tuesti

Reeve Tuesti has many hats: morally conflicted executive, spymaster, robotics engineer, city planner. While Cloud and his ragtag crew were running all over the map, Reeve was working in the background - first as an enemy, then as an ally. After Meteor, of course, Reeve took it upon himself to rebuild the broken structures of the world left behind by the fall of Shinra and the destruction of Midgar, founding the World Regenesis Organization. This week, dive into this multifaceted character and show us what really makes him - and his creations - tick.

Where did Reeve come from? What was his family like? What got him into robotics or urban development? How did he become one of Shinra's top execs - and what compromises did he make along the way? What was really going through his head when he was controlling Cait Sith? And... what's next for our favorite background hero?

Whatever your plan, you've only got 100 words to make Reeve happen.


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