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Aug. 31st, 2012 07:29 pm
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Title: Dream Job
Challenge: Rewind
Setting: Dirge of Cerberus, just before the Tsviets revolt
Characters: Restrictor, Nero
Word Count: 100
A/N: This came from a fic I was working on that stalled right out. Maybe this will kickstart it again…

The new uniform waited, glossy and lint-free. He dressed slowly, savoring each piece: super-impervious body armor; boots with mako-glowy trim; all-concealing greatcloak; totally rad gauntlets. He absently wiped the surface of the spotless asymmetric helm, then grinned and pulled it on.

Here stood a Restrictor, invincible and proud! This was the day his promotion took effect, and he intended to enjoy every moment of it.

Whistling merrily, he stepped out of his apartment – and was engulfed by a darkness so deep it threatened to unplug his bowels. As he fell, a cold voice followed him down: “Paybacks are a bitch…”

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Title: Common Ground
Characters/Pairings:  Sephiroth, Rufus
Rating:  G
Word Count:  100
Prompt:  Rewind

Sephiroth looked up in surprise at the young boy who had just barged into his office.  His blond hair was tussled and his face red from recently shed tears.


"They'll catch you, no matter where you try to hide."


"I hate them!" the boy hissed, fascinating Sephiroth with his overflowing, unrestrained emotions.  "Why couldn't it be my father who died and not my mother?"


Sephiroth smiled, surprised to find someone who shared his own deepest wish.  He didn't know how to reply though, until an old conversation with Gast popped into his head.


"Maybe, because only the good die young?"

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Title: Meeting Rufus
Characters/Pairings: Reeve, Rufus
Rating/Type: G
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100

Reeve's first company picnic wasn't quite what he'd expected. Competitive sports, or walking tours, or something like that maybe. Not catered lunches served by...well, apparently, pole-dancers. But the weather was good and a park in spring was always a welcome break, and he was prepared to enjoy the day.

A little boy caught his eye. He thought at first it was a local child, but - no, far too well-dressed, a good mother would never send her son to the park in clothes too fine to play in. Eleven or so, blond, and...angry. The boy could surely only be Rufus....
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The Turks wrote a lot of reports this week for the trophy win! 10 points and a certificate of achievement!  SOLDIER was out of commission in some foreign land. Avalanche was too busy assembling pipe-bombs to participate.

This week's prompt is #154 - Rewind

Rewind. Go back before everything started or before all hell breaks loose. Write a drabble taking place in the past of one or more characters. It can be based on canon information or it can be anything you imagine that could have possibly happened. Birth, homeland, childhood, school, ambitions, first job, first love, and so many more...all fair game.

Get all nostalgic in just 100 words.


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