Prompt #97

Jul. 11th, 2011 09:48 am
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Last week, SOLDIER proved they they were the big dreamers here with 80 points.The Turks dream as well, but their dreams are vastly different, just look at Reno! They came in second with 30 points. And Avalanche? They were dream-free.

This week's prompt is #97 - Stranded

Being stranded can leave you feeling very alone and very helpless - even if you are in the company of others.  However, if you are in the company of someone you like really well it might not be so bad.

Has a threesome of SOLDIER been stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a transportation incident?  Has Reeve ever been left high and dry? Does Cloud still feel that he has been left behind sometimes? Does Reno ditch Rude for a pretty face? Is Rufus walking home after a car failed to come for him? Is Tifa emotionally stranded due to Cloud's distance? Has Angeal turned into the wolf to Genesis' Little Red due to an accident that left them stranded in the forest?

Isolated, marooned, completely alone - strand the characters this week in just 100 words.


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