Prompt #99

Jul. 25th, 2011 12:09 pm
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No points were awarded for last week's prompt.

This week's prompt is #99 - Stranger

A stranger is neither a friend or an acquaintance, but they could become one. A stranger is also a foreigner, an interloper, or just someone (a novice) who is unfamiliar to a certain task - like "he was a stranger to martial arts."

Everyone begins life with as a stranger to the world and we make friends and learn tasks by being a stranger to them first.

Has Genesis just met a stranger named Sephiroth? Is Cid struggling to get acquainted with Shera? Are children running away from Vincent yelling "Stranger!"? Has Wutai just been invaded by strangers? Is Zack having difficulty with some of his new surroundings as a stranger to the SOLDIER program?

Whoever the stranger; whatever the strange task - let's become acquainted in just 100 words.


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