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Author: shadowwaker
Title: Bundle of Fluff
Prompt: The Zoo
Characters: child!Rufus, Reeve
Series: pre-OGC (10-15 years)
Team: Turks
Rating: G
Word count: 100

Bundle of Fluff

“Oh no...” Filled with dread, Reeve looked around and pushed himself through the crowd at the fair. Veld would have his head if anything happened to the little Shinra heir. ‘I can keep an eye on him.’ Lair.

Suddenly, he stopped, bewildered, and watched a big bundle of fluff waddle towards him.

The chocobo chick chirped and kicked its feet in the air as a little boy struggled to keep its tiny arms wrapped around the bird. His guard hound pup playfully jumped around them.

Through the feathers, Rufus looked up at him, hopefully. “I want to keep it.”


May. 7th, 2012 12:03 pm
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Title: Kitties
Characters/Pairings: Reeve/Rufus
Team: Turks
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

They walked among the cages of the great cats, absently sipping on frozen lemonade. "You should get out into the daylight more often," mused Rufus. "Get some color."

Reeve slanted a look at his lover. And his pristine white suit, and his pristine white coat. And then back to the cats in their cages. "A little cat fur is always an acceptable accent."

"Not on my suits," Rufus replied primly, as behind him one of the panthers started washing itself.

Reeve laughed, liberated a navy silk scarf from under Rufus' jacket lapels, and draped it around his neck. "All relative."

Prompt #139

May. 7th, 2012 11:47 am
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Boy, I can always count on you guys to bring out all the good stuff when I run a past prompts challenge! And you all didn't know how much I needed that last week - so, thank you!

The scores break down thus: The Turks take the trophy with 50 points. SOLDIER came in second with 10 and Avalanche managed third with their 0 points - Default, yo!

This week's prompt is #139 - The Zoo

This prompt can go two ways:

1. I know this will be out of some of the characters natural elements, but get them to the zoo this week. Petting zoos will count too.
2. Some days the office or any form of employment is feels just like a zoo. Just as long as you don't confuse zoo with a three-ring circus, the drabble  will count.

Is Barrett treating Marlene and Denzel to a trip to the zoo while he's in town? Does a visit to Turk headquarters cause Rufus to feel like he is surrounded by monkeys? Does Hojo appreciate the reptile exhibit? Are Zack and Aeris kissing in the butterfly house? Is Genesis bitching about the overpriced, underwarm food? Has Sephiroth been talked into feeding a baby chocobo for a photo op?

Whichever way you take the prompt, get the characters to the zoo in just 100 words.


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