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Title: The Distance of a Fallen Apple From the Tree
Characters/Pairings: Reno
Rating/Type: PG
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100

Reno didn’t hate kids, but didn’t find them particularly great either. This one, the son of one of Rufus’ trading partners, was an exception. Reno had spent the past half hour running around after the little terror, saving countless pieces of artwork from destruction. Suddenly, the brat ran up to him and demanded, “Bring me some ice-cream!”

“No. We don’t got any.”

The kid frowned and took a deep breath, “BAD TOUCH!”

Reno slapped a hand over the kid’s mouth, looking around to make sure nobody had heard, “Fine, just shut up already!” Yeah, this kid was a crafty bastard.

Prompt #82

Mar. 28th, 2011 01:06 pm
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Well, surprise, surprise!  Avalanche has come out of no where this week to steal the trophy with 30 points! I bet their reflections look good in that shiny gold cup!  SOLDIER made a valiant effort with 10 points but Zack had a hard time pulling Sephiroth away from the mirror. The Turks also came in with 10 points due to the vanity of Rufus Shinra.

This week's prompt is #82 - Touch

This prompt can be used in so many ways. Think about how many items you handle during the day. Think about touch in as limited or as broad a context as you'd like. Keep in mind that if you pervert the prompt and it gets explicit, you should place it behind a cut with proper warnings.

Does Sephiroth think about the feel of leather? Does Lazard hesitate to touch a child with a runny nose? How does the weight of the buster sword compare to the weight of a training sword.for either Cloud, Zack or Angeal? Does Nero miss touching things when he is contained?

No matter where you take the sense of touch, however, you must write it in 100 words.


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