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Maybe you will agree that a fate worse than death may consist of joining the SOLDIER program. Then again, they did manage to win the trophy last week with 80 points. The Turks sure do have it rough, but they didn't do to bad with their 20 points. They did wind up in second place. So, maybe a fate worse than death would fall in Avalanche's corner, since they have no points and no trophy.

This week's prompt is #148 - Vincent Valentine

Are you ready for some gun slinging?  It's Vincent week.

How does it feel to be a container for so many demons? How was his life as a Turk - does he miss it? How does he feel about Yuffie (or Cloud, or Cid, or Reeve, or any of the Turks)? Is there a story behind his gun? How often does he visit Lucrezia? What is his ultimate revenge against Hojo? Is he really as brooding and moody as some of fandom claim and if so, how would he be if he let loose his fun side (if he has a fun side)?  

Drabbles can be from Vincent's point of view or just about him from afar, but they must include Vincent somewhere in just 100 words.


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