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A/N: I'll come up with better titles soon.

Challenge: Past Prompts/Uninvited guest
Characters: Rufus, Dark Nation, Planet
Team: Turks
Words: 100 exact

Uninvited guest

Somewhere in a hazy distance Dark Nation growled low and threatening. Or threatened. Rufus forced himself to wake up and stared into the gloom with bleary eyes. He could hear Dark Nation's growling and hissing more clearly now. She was right underneath the bed.

Reluctant, Rufus rubbed the sleep from his eyes and blinked them into focus. Right there in his room, waving from the window to his side of the bed and back into the floor, was a bundle of faint, green strings of light and tiny orbs. Frustrated, he pulled the blanket over his head. “Go away already!”

Prompt #53

Jul. 19th, 2010 08:32 pm
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The Turks took last week's trophy with 20 points, though they kind of slid through the finish line a little short on words. Please, Authors, try to hit and stick on that 100-word goal - that's part of the fun.

This week's prompt is #53 - Past Prompts

We are having a prompt free-for-all, sort of our version of Christmas in July!

Maybe there was a prompt for which you didn't get a chance to write, or maybe you feel that there was one in which you could have written more, or maybe you just have a favorite prompt you just want to see again. This week, go crazy!!

The past prompts are listed in the asylum's tags (prompting post is included) or you can locate them through the asylum's memories.

Only one rule this time - please place the prompt you are revisiting in your author's notes. This will help me with  tagging and memories. Also, team competition is still on this week (they don't get the week off just because we are throwing a party), so be sure to give your teams some love.

Go nuts - but only in 100 words. ^_^


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