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Title: The last moments
Characters/Pairings: Tseng
Rating/Type: PG-13 I guess, for gore?
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100 words
Author's Notes: The temple of the Ancients was not a good day for Tseng.

Slow, deep breaths. Stay awake; that was important. Keep the pressure constant, hold the wound closed.

It was neither the first nor last time Tseng had had to hold his own guts in, waiting for someone to come. The important thing was to stay calm, and stay awake. Don't increase the heart rate, don't decrease pressure on the wound.

Slow, deep breaths. Try not to think about where the others are, or if they'll arrive in time (or if the right others will arrive first). The quiet, zen-like stillpoint that was the essence of patience was the key to survival.

Prompt #135

Apr. 9th, 2012 10:34 am
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The Turks seem to be the only diligent ones of the bunch. They take the trophy away for 10 points! SOLDIER and Avalanche were too diligent with their duties to play here last week.

This week's prompt is #135 - Patience

Patience is cast opposite Envy, suggesting that our rush to have things Right Now is the source of much comparison and suffering.

Is Hojo impatient for his latest experiment to bear fruit? Is Jenova willing to wait till the end of the world for her comeback tour? Does Angeal have the patience of a saint? Would he need it, just to deal with Zack? Or is Genesis the one to push him to his saintly limit?

How long is Tifa willing to wait for Cloud to get a clue and kiss her? How long did Aerith wait for Zack?

Whether the story is one of patience observed or forsaken, tell us about it in 100 words.


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