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Title: Addendum
Characters/Pairings: Cissnei, proper appreciation of Zack Fair without getting shippy
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Series: Crisis Core
Notes: I based this off of [personal profile] birdieshoes's drabble here. I asked permission first, I promise.

Commander Tseng -

Attached is a message I intercepted from SOLDIER Zack Fair requesting the cessation of missions to Costa del Sol. I encourage you to continue dispatching him to the area, as the Genesis clones are still emerging from the sea at an alarming rate.


PS: Your cunning theft of Zack’s shirts has been most helpful in alleviating my boredom while keeping him under surveillance. His self-proclaimed “gorgeous physique” certainly hasn’t suffered from his exertions in the sun.

PPS: You may want to invest in umbrella company stock, as another one has broken since the last shipment.
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Title: My Real Name
Characters/Pairings: Cissnei, vague Cissnei/Reno if you squint.
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Series: Post Advent Children, I guess.

Years later, Cissnei has to see Midgar again. It’s still a depressing stinkhole; she feels the fumes seeping into her white dress. At the party her martini tastes vaguely of sewage.

Someone asks her to dance. He's in a sloppy tuxedo and there’s something about that cocky smile…

Reno, she realizes.

She tells him her name is Yulia; he doesn't question it or give her a second look before he's groping her. Apparently memories of working together, tracking down SOLDIERs and taking them down disappear in the face of a pretty girl.

She can't decide if that's comforting or infuriating.


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