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Challenge: Ghosts
Character: Rufus & Reno
Team: Turks
Word count: 100
Make believe
Reno yawned and tried to keep his eyes focussed enough to find his way to the refrigerator. Not being able to sleep was a fine excuse for a midnight drink. Bottles chinked when he opened the door and he squeezed his eyes against the bright light.
A flash of white caught his attention. Startled, he turned his head, let out a shriek and tumbled to the floor. Beyond the doorway, a ghost floated half concealed by shadows and stretched out its formless arms, howling. Reno backed away and the ghost shook, bend over and burst into laughter.
“...goddamnit, Rufus.”
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Challenge: Ghosts
Character: Rufus & Turks
Team: Turks
Word count: 100
Seeing things
Tseng pressed a sheet with data against the table and the other Turks sitting around it leaned in, curious. This information would be a great help rebuilding the company. He sought Rufus' gaze for approval.
Instead, he found him staring at the wall from the corner of his eyes. Or rather... somewhere before the wall.
Rufus startled, and looked at him a bit lost. Clearly, he hadn't heard a word he'd just said. Frowning, Rufus stared at him, back to the wall, then at the other confused Turks. “Don't tell me I'm the only one seeing things...” 

Prompt #94

Jun. 20th, 2011 12:53 pm
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Avalanche and SOLDIER got into a bloody little brawl last week over the cheap incredibly shiny trophy that we allow them to take care of from time to time. SOLDIER came out on top with 40 points sending Avalanche home to lick their wounds with 10 of their own points. The Turks, noticing the flying fists of doom in the alleyway over such a cheap trinket, decided to call it a week and go out for drinks.

This week's prompt is #94 - Ghosts

I seem to be on a Ghostbusters kick today, so I am wondering - do the characters believe in ghosts? Have they ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost? Have they experienced feelings of dread in their basement or attic? Or are they troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?


Okay, okay, enough with the movie references, but seriously...


Ghosts can haunt people, places, things, and sometimes your very mind!

Does Cid have a pesky poltergeist aboard the Shera? Is Vincent really good or very bad at telling really scary ghost stories, Would you say the Sephiroth is haunted by the words of Jenova? In the dark, do the shadows play havoc with Tifa's overactive imagination? Does Cloud see the ghost of Zack in his most desperate times? Is a holographic projection of Hojo good enough to scare Weiss in Deepground, or is it already too late for him? Does Genesis have a superstition-based fear of an old, run-down cathedral? And don't forget séances and ghostbusting!

Conjure up a ghostly presence in just 100 words!


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