Prompt #88

May. 9th, 2011 10:42 am
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The real addicts last week? SOLDIER! They snarfed mako by the gallon for a clean 10 points. The Turks wanted SOLDIER to share, but there was no chance of that!. Avalanche is not admitting to any addictions, but their friends have talked about the possibility of an intervention.

This week's prompt is #88 - Yuffie Kisaragi

Get ready for some sly ninja action!  Well, more like a little clumsy but effective action.  This week, we're talking Yuffie!

Who is Yuffie Kisaragi?  What is her life in Wutai like?  How does she feel about her friends - Vincent, Cloud, Tifa? Where did she learn all those ninja moves?  Will she ever settle down and get married? Where did she get her fondness for materia?  Is she a kleptomaniac or can she stop any time?And how does Cid feel about her getting air-sick on his ship?

Drabbles can be from Yuffies's point of view or just about her from afar, but they must include Yuffie somewhere in just 100 words.


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