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Title: What Hurts the Most
Characters/Pairings: Elena, Tseng, Loz, Yazoo, and Kadaj
Team: Turks, of course XD
Rating: R
Word Count: 100


It hurts.

She's not unused to pain. She's not. She's a Turk, after all, and being able to take some pain is just as much a part of the job as being able to dish it out.

She's taken more than her share, but she's also given more than her share.

It's normally nothing; something a Potion or a Cure later will take care of.

But what they've done to her, that's not what hurts. Not what she knows will scar her with nightmares.


What hurts isn't what they've done to her.

It's seeing what they've done to him.
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A little genderswapping in the secret base was it took to give the Avalanche the win this week. Fifty (50) points and the trophy sits in their planning table. SOLDIER didn't want to swing that way - scaredy cats. And the Turks were busy with a something somewhere.

This week's prompt is #144 - Elena

It's Elena week!  Elena really doesn't get enough respect. She seems to be seen quite frequently as the cast-off Turk. Let's change that this week by showing her some love.

Who is Elena? How did she become a Turk? What does she want out of her life? Does she have the hots for Tseng or Reno or Tifa? How does she really feel about her job? Does she constantly pick on Reno or is it the other way around? What is an average day in her life like?  

Drabbles can be from Elena's point of view or just about her from afar, but they must include Elena somewhere in just 100 words.


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