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Title: Betrayal After Betrayal
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth, Jenova. No pairings (thankfully!)
Team: Turks.
Rating: PG for almost-death and evil plans.
Wordcount: 100
Notes: Sephy is just as much of a backstabbing bastard as Jenova, he just didn't manage to get his way. Also, I think it can take place at any of Sephiroth's 'deaths', considering he keeps coming back, but as I wrote it I was thinking of when he got thrown into the Nibelheim mako reactor.

Death didn't bother Sephiroth nearly as much as the events that lead to it.
Stripped of friends and dignity — betrayal after betrayal, the General once admired and feared by many was now to die a forgettable death.

"Not at all, son," that voice resonated within his core. "If only you'll come to me..."

She offered him survival. This travesty of a life he'd tasted just enough before, controlled by Her will...
Ignoring protests from the Lifestream, he reached for Jenova's strength, and moved a broken arm.
He would live.
And once he found her, She would die.

"I'm coming, Mother."


Title: Killed In Action
Characters/Pairings: Cissnei, mentions of Zack. No pairings.
Team: Turks.
Rating: PG for character death (kind of obvious) and implied suicidal thoughts.
Wordcount: 100
Series: Crisis Core

Having to write a report on Zack's death made Cissnei's skin crawl. Tseng chose quite the disgusting way to remind her of their organization's first principle.
Turks have no friends.

Maybe, if she didn't want to be a Turk, it didn't apply anymore; So they hadn't killed Zack Fair... But how many people had they — she — killed?
Perhaps death would help her...
Paying her respects to Zack's remains, Cissnei solemnly headed towards her chopper.

A week later in Gongaga, she was oddly grinning at the obituary segment of the ShinRa news.
Turk - Second Rank
Killed In Action

It worked.

Prompt #9

Jun. 29th, 2009 03:43 pm
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Who feels the most trapped in life? Well, it's a tie at 10 points a piece. Avalanche feels like they have no clean air to breathe with the ShinRa company monopolizing everything - even the planet. Meanwhile SOLDIER is stuck in the ShinRa box. The Turks feel as free as a bird. What does that say about ShinRa Electric? ^_^

The prompt for this week is #9 - Choose Life

Sometimes the question of live or die happens upon the characters of Final Fantasy VII - probably more often then they would wish it did. Do I save a friend or save myself? How do I live when so many I cherish are gone?

No matter who you write about (Vincent, Tifa, Cloud, Sephiroth, Zack, etc.), have them choose to live in only 100 words.


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