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Aug. 31st, 2012 07:29 pm
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Title: Dream Job
Challenge: Rewind
Setting: Dirge of Cerberus, just before the Tsviets revolt
Characters: Restrictor, Nero
Word Count: 100
A/N: This came from a fic I was working on that stalled right out. Maybe this will kickstart it again…

The new uniform waited, glossy and lint-free. He dressed slowly, savoring each piece: super-impervious body armor; boots with mako-glowy trim; all-concealing greatcloak; totally rad gauntlets. He absently wiped the surface of the spotless asymmetric helm, then grinned and pulled it on.

Here stood a Restrictor, invincible and proud! This was the day his promotion took effect, and he intended to enjoy every moment of it.

Whistling merrily, he stepped out of his apartment – and was engulfed by a darkness so deep it threatened to unplug his bowels. As he fell, a cold voice followed him down: “Paybacks are a bitch…”


Aug. 12th, 2012 03:19 pm
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Title: Easy
Challenge: Chromatic
Characters: unnamed troopers
Word Count: 100
A/N: This applies equally well to Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus, though my heart puts it at the end of CC.

The helmets made it easy.

With their built-in binoculars, infra-red, computerized enhancement, haze filters, and recognition software, they simplified everything.

Flesh, blood, bone, rain, mud, SOLDIER blues, all reduced to shades of high-definition green.

Black and white, life and death, right and wrong – all green.

Shinra techs had designed the helmets to give their men an edge, to make their work easier. To simplify things.

Had they already known that one day they would simplify this? Was the SOLDIER program destined to arrive here, at this moment? Was all this inevitable?

Atrocities become inevitable, when things are made too easy.

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Title: Where the Monsters Live
Challenge: Characters in a Film
The Film: Nightbreed
Characters: Vincent, Tsviets
Word Count: 100

The ruins of Midgar seemed to breathe; Vincent wondered again why he had come.

The monsters within him stirred.

There, in the broken doorway – a grotesque, beastlike man, a girl child at his side. The man snarled, “You’re meat!”

Ready to run, Vincent backed away.

A feral woman intercepted him. “But if we eat him, we break the Law…”

Vincent stared as more emerged. “My God, it’s true…”

A slender man with mechanical wings stepped forward, darkness rippling around him. “Of course it’s true. Everything’s true... God’s an astronaut. Oz is over the rainbow. And Deepground’s where the monsters live.”

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Title: Why Did the Chocobo Cross the Road?
Challenge: Characters in a Film
The Film: Stripes
Characters: Crisis Core-era SOLDIER
Word Count: 100
Adapted and reposted from an old IJ prompt, as I love these too much to let them gather dust.

Sephiroth hated these events. )

Title: To Get From the Left to the Right!
Challenge: Characters in a Film
The Film: Stripes
Characters: Crisis Core-era SOLDIER
Word Count: 100

General Sephiroth regarded the ragtag platoon. )

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Title: A Hero Dies But Once
Challenge: Fate Worse Than Death
Author: GuiltyRed
Rating: PG
Characters: Zack, Kunsel
Word Count: 100
A/N: Joudama, I blame you. I wanted to write something fluffy, but got clobbered with this one instead. (Seriously – thank you for real, for inspiring me. It’s been way too long.)

Kunsel tried not to think about anything beyond the moment. He tried not to remember summers and fishing and leaping into the swimming hole like a couple of monkeys, or ghost stories and laughing eyes and the promises between best friends. He tried to believe that this was necessary, for the greater good somehow in a world gone mad.

As he pulled the trigger with a hundred other marksmen, he told himself that Zack, in death, would be at peace, while he would have to go on living with the cowardice of following a bad order. Mercifully, he was wrong.

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Title: The Right Man For the Job
Challenge: Crossovers
Characters: Sephiroth and a new Turk...
Word count: 100

Something was wrong.

Sephiroth struggled to move, but felt as though he were encased in ice. No… ice should be cold, but this was almost warm.

His brain felt sluggish, dream-fogged. Hadn’t he just been fighting Cloud? Again?

“Ah. You’re awake.”

That voice – the baby-faced Turk? What was his name? Morgan?

In a flash, Sephiroth realized that the encasing material was plastic wrap, and he was trussed up tighter than Shinra cafeteria leftovers.

From somewhere too close by came the sound of a chainsaw, and that voice again. “You wanted to end the world. I can’t let you do that…”


(xover – Dexter)

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Title: Raving Mad and Somewhat Slightly Dazed
Challenge: Smell

Characters: Zack, Sephiroth
Word count: 100
A/N: Title inspired by a very disturbing David Bowie song. Re-post from IJ with permission.

Zack reeled a moment as the smell of wrongness stole his breath away. The pungent odors of stale sweat and waste mako mingled with the essential null smell of old dust and forgotten sins, but none of those could mask the overwhelming stench of unwashed madness that lingered in the air like an oily vapor trail.

It had only taken a handful of days for Sephiroth to fall so far as this, and Zack berated himself for ever leaving the man alone. He swore that he would set things right even as his own scent betrayed his terror and despair.
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Title: No Trespassing!
Challenge: Crossovers

Character: Vincent and several unwelcome guests
Word count: 100
A/N: dual-action crossover time!

Vincent debated whether he should add more locks to the door, or to the coffin itself. For whatever reason, he seemed to be attracting tourists.

First he had to convince a pair of plumbers that the mansion wasn’t really haunted, it was just the lair of a particularly mad scientist. The look on their faces when they realized the ghosts were in the mako was priceless.

Later that same week, a jock, a princess, a geek, a stoner, and a big, smelly, almost-talking dog barged in, apparently following the other guys in search of ghosts.

He sicced them on Hojo.

Title: Curses, Foiled Again
Challenge: Crossovers

Character: Hojo…and several unwelcome guests
Word count: 100
A/N: Had to be done. Had to.

The mayor of Nibelheim glowered sternly. “Kids, you’d better have a really good explanation for this!”

“It’s simple,” said the girl with the glasses. “Under the guise of a respected scientist, this man has been turning people into monsters!”

“And he was going to keep at it until he created the perfect monster,” the athletic youth chimed in.

“I created the ultimate soldier, a god!” Hojo spat, writhing in the grasp of two burly mountaineers. “It was perfect! It just needed a little more time. I would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids…”

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Title: Never Just a Memory
Characters/Pairings: random kids, some time in the future
Word Count: 100

“I dare you.”

“You’re so brave, you do it!”

“What if you only say it nine times?”

“Ghosts don’t just ‘kind-of’ appear, it’s all or nothing. Say his name ten times in front of the mirror with the lights out, or you may as well just admit you’re a wuss.”

“They say that if he does come back, he doesn’t just kill the person calling him, he’ll destroy the world!”

“Come on, that story’s been around for centuries, and nothing’s happened yet.”

“Maybe nobody’s been stupid enough to try it…”

“I’ll do it.”

Door closes, light dies.

“Sephiroth… Sephiroth… Sephiroth…


May. 4th, 2009 08:17 pm
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Title: Impact
Challenge: Photograph
Characters/Pairings: Rufus, Kadaj, and Turks
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: Hello, Dreamwidth!

“Fine. Swear on these.”

The badges fell to the floor, tossed aside like those whose likenesses gazed blankly up from the plastic, a smear of blood across their faces.

Rufus stared, numbed by instant recognition.

He had seen those faces bloodied before, but like this

To see that streak of crimson dried to black across the names and identification numbers was bad, as if it sought to erase the Turks with its finality.

But to see it spattered across the photo of that man, of that woman…

In that moment, Rufus Shinra breathed a prayer and consigned himself to death.


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