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NOTES: This is an AU I've played with previously here and here, in which Cloud was born a girl, but was raised as a boy for reasons I don't know but I'm sure made sense to Cloud's mother at the time.

Title: For Her
Characters/Pairings: Cloud, Tifa
Team: Avalanche
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

"I'm going to join Soldier!"

Tifa was wearing a sundress. Cloud was in a stained t-shirt. Cloud wondered, sometimes, what dresses felt like, but she knew she'd only look ridiculous if she tried one. Tifa made dresses look natural.

"Will you be in the papers if you do well?"

Cloud was old enough now that she should have started noticing boys, but Tifa was the only person she liked. Though she was never quite sure if the fluttery feelings were like-like or just desperation for a friend.

"Hey- let's make a promise."

Either way, Cloud would do anything for Tifa.

Four more. One deals with menarche. )
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The Turks seemed to excel at killing everyone in sight. Blame Rude's homemade bombs. They take home the trophy for 10 points. SOLDIER decided to go on leave from war and killing - they even sent Sephiroth to the spa. Avalanche doesn't really want to hurt anyone, they just want to save the world.

This week's prompt is #143 - Genderswap

Remember, the prompt is genderswap not gender bending. The character in question has to completely change gender, not just confuse the senses.

Have the scientists just perfected genderswap materia and are looking for someone to volunteer to try it out? Has Tifa woken up to an unexpected surprise? Has Vincent been hiding his womanly features behind that red cloak?

No matter how you arrange the swap, set it up in just 100 words.


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