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Title: Pivot
Character: Tifa Lockhart
Word Count: 100
Prompt: Alternative Universe

Tifa listened to what was being said with a growing feeling of unease. This wasn't right. She couldn't let it stand without saying something. But the questions it would raise - the way everyone would look at her...

She hated speaking in front of people. The bar was different. For a start, she had about a foot of solid wood between her and the person she was speaking to; and for seconds, she could withhold alcohol if they got stroppy.

Steeling herself, taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth, interrupted Cloud, and said "That's not how I remember it."

Author's Notes: Okay, it's more the trigger point for an AU than an actual AU... but I'm doing a lot of stuff about Tifa right now, and this is something which has been bugging me for a long time. Oh, and in case it's not clear - she's interrupting Cloud's description of the Nibelheim Event at the inn in Kalm.
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Title: Bureaucratic Revenge
Characters: General Sephiroth, Professor Hojo, Original Female Character (Nesa Conway)
Team: SOLDIER (of course!)
Word Count: 100
Series: Fits into the Nesa-verse (any point after Shooting Fish In A Barrel)
Author's Notes: A condensation of what started out as a much longer piece.

General Sephiroth walked in from the meeting, and very calmly and deliberately closed his office door. Given his expression said he'd prefer to slam it, Nesa Conway made a note in her diary and cleared his appointments.

She made one phone call. Over the next three days, while the General was out of the office hunting monsters, she had morning coffee with a young up-and-comer from Quality Assurance, lunch with a keen blue-flamer from Accounts, and an afternoon tea with an ambitious young woman from Human Resources.

Professor Hojo didn't see the top of his desk for another three months.
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Title: Delivery Boy
Characters/Pairings: Cloud Strife
Rating: Australian M (ages 15 and up – for mention of porn tropes)
Word Count: 100

"Umm... should I maybe come back later?"

"Oh, sorry. I'll come back in about an hour."

"Dammit, lady! Put some clothes on!"

[Text of full page advertisement in the Times of Midgar, the Kalm Chronicle, the Junon Herald, and the Fort Condor Express:

"Cloud Strife is:

1) Not interested.
2) Gay.
3) Just trying to deliver your damn parcel already.

He is NOT a porn movie "delivery boy".

Put some clothes on, and just pay for your delivery with gil like normal people."]

Cloud scowled down at the copy before him. "Which damn fool decided that was a 'perk' anyway?"


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