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Title: Secretary
Characters/Pairings: OC Secretary, mentions Rufus
Team: Avalanche
Rating: AA
Word Count: 100
Series: OCG
Author's Notes: inspired by a fic long ago that kept calling out Rufus' 'meek' secretary

secretary )
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Title: Bureaucratic Revenge
Characters: General Sephiroth, Professor Hojo, Original Female Character (Nesa Conway)
Team: SOLDIER (of course!)
Word Count: 100
Series: Fits into the Nesa-verse (any point after Shooting Fish In A Barrel)
Author's Notes: A condensation of what started out as a much longer piece.

General Sephiroth walked in from the meeting, and very calmly and deliberately closed his office door. Given his expression said he'd prefer to slam it, Nesa Conway made a note in her diary and cleared his appointments.

She made one phone call. Over the next three days, while the General was out of the office hunting monsters, she had morning coffee with a young up-and-comer from Quality Assurance, lunch with a keen blue-flamer from Accounts, and an afternoon tea with an ambitious young woman from Human Resources.

Professor Hojo didn't see the top of his desk for another three months.

New Girl +4

Apr. 3rd, 2017 08:57 pm
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Title: New Girl
Characters/Pairings: OCs
Rating: G
Team: Avalanche
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: I might not remember what prompted the, er, prompt, but what they hey. Time to bring out some fancharas!

"I don't know who's worse," Freya declared, plunking the bulge of her bag down onto the table as she sat. "The ones that lost their forms the minute they hit the PHS, or the ones that fill in every single box the wrong way."

Her friends nodded sympathetically mid-chew; it was even money which department was worse, and luckily for them, the admin staff all had lunch around the same time and could circulate the best complaints between themselves. At the far end of the table, the newest temp blinked wide eyes and wondered just what she'd gotten herself into.

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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #12 - Shinra Admin.

This prompt comes to us courtesy of [personal profile] apprentice_lurk .

The President's cigar budget is out of control! Scarlet's antics are resulting in staggering turnover in the Weapons Research Department! Palmer takes his tea with freaking lard! ...and the less said about what's going on in Hojo's lab, the better. Even so, someone's got to write this bullshit up and somehow make it fit into this month's budget, and that's where Shinra's legions of long-suffering administration staff come in. This week, don your business-smart wear and get into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to rule the world via an economic stranglehold on the world's energy supply! Sounds exciting, right? Hey, those exorbitant student loans don't pay themselves. ;)

Are Heidegger's staff playing Gyahaha Bingo? Is being Rufus Shinra's personal aide a coveted position, or one that gets dumped on the one poor sucker who doesn't say 'Not it!' fast enough? What's the office gossip mill talking about this week? Who's stealing Reeve's lunch? Do the guys who pulled off the Nibelheim coverup have kids to feed? What's the percentage of 'mad scientists in training' to 'terrified minions' among Hojo's lab techs? And what happens when loyal (or not so much) Shinra employees run across that ragtag bunch of ecoterrorists calling themselves AVALANCHE...?

Just remember, between clocking in and clocking out, you've only got 100 words.


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