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Jun. 15th, 2015 08:20 am
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Got a prompt suggestion?

Please leave your suggestion in the comment section.

All prompts received will be used and credited in a future prompt session. If you do not want to be credited please comment anonymously or decline in the comment.
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 No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #47 - Alternate Universe

Put the characters smack dab on a different world! Who would they be if they ended up as desert nomads? How about in a casino in Las Vegas? Or stuck in a spaceship, lived at the circus, were underground cave dwellers?

Give them special powers to get rid of all that materia stuff! Is Genesis a telepathic? Is Sephiroth a Turk? Are any of them superheroes?

What if Reeve was robotic and Cait Sith built him to be a butler? Suppose the women were the members of SOLDIER - would Scarlet be akin to Sephiroth? Would Cloud be tending the bar while Tifa saves the world?

This week, take reality and shift it to the left, give it a vigorous shake of the imagination and see what alternate universe you can come up with for the characters! But remember to write it in just 100 words.
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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #46 - Hidden Talent

Now is the time to show us all those talents that none of the characters want anyone to know about.

Does Vincent breakdance?  Can Cloud juggle?  Can Sephiroth tie cherry stems into a knot with his tongue? Does Genesis sing?  Is Hojo good at giving advice?  Has Chocobo Joe memorized pi to the 200th digit?  Can Zack sing the capitals of the world in alphabetical order? Does Reno paint? Can Rufus striptease? Does Cid have a way with chocobo?

No matter the talent, make it public in just 100 words.
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 No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #45 - Toys

As children we love our toys. As adults we love different toys.

Did Rude have a moogle doll? Does Kadaj wish he had one? Does Cloud still play with that windup chocobo or has he traded up for his big boy toy - his motorbike? Is Reno's EMR as good as a baseball bat or is it better than that? Is Tifa shopping for a little intimate gift for her boy-toy? Has Yuffie traded marbles for materia? Has Tseng decided that it is time Rufus traded in the swing-set for a love swing? Does Genesis still have that glow-in-the-dark lightsaber?

Whether you write about toys for boys and girls or toys for men and women, make sure that it is written in just 100 words - and that the NSFW stuff is behind a friendly little cut.
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Avalanche dropped in under the radar, set a few explosives and snagged the trophy last week with 10 points.  SODLIER and the Turks didn't even have a chance.

This week's prompt is #46 - Childhood

What were the characters like as children?  Do they have fond memories of dodge ball and hopscotch?

Was Genesis really the hellion he seems to have been?  Did Aerith eat paste in kindergarten?  Was Rufus the school yard geek or the bully?  How many science fair medals did Hojo win?  Was Angeal always bringing home stray animals and asking if he could keep them?  Was Reno a bed-wetter?  Did  Cid play with toy rockets? Did Cloud have a chocobo stuffy? Could Rude go to sleep without a bedtime story? Did they have sleep-overs, birthday parties, school field trips?

Let's explore the joys and wonders of childhood, but only in 100 words.


Aug. 7th, 2016 11:12 pm
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Title: Embodied
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth, OC
Rating: G
Team: Avalanche
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: Bigender Sephiroth? Bigender Sephiroth. ^_^

In a gentleman's club in Sector 2, Sephiroth borrowed a shimmery dress and a pair of heels and practiced walking like a woman.

His teacher, a world-renowned escort, watched from the mirrored wall as Sephiroth paced, grace in every inch of her even at rest. "Well done, dear," she observed in a purr. "You look beautiful." Sephiroth smiled, and for once never thought of hiding it behind his hair. He'd known and treasured his female-self in secret all his life; embodying her increasingly felt like freedom.

That was why, no matter how Hojo raged, Sephiroth would never cut his hair.
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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #43 - Gender Bending

Gender bending can be described in many ways but those definitions all boil down to one basic thing - sending out mixed signals regarding one's gender. The more androgynous a person is, the harder it is to tell whether they are male or female.

Gender bending also refers to pushing the envelop regarding appearance and sexuality.  It can include men wearing skirt's, women sporting masculine-looking tattoos or sporting a hairstyle that may traditionally be looked at as fit for the opposite sex.

Gender-benders can confuse as well as push personal comfort zones to the limit.

Does Yazoo's hair and feminine-like features cause him to be mistaken as a girl? Do the guys tease Cloud about his fashion sense by likening it to a half-skirt? Does Yuffie try to present as masculine wherever/whenever she can?  Is Cid hiding a secret feminine identity? Is Genesis a male to female transgender person or vice versa? 
You task this week is to push the envelope on gender, bending it a bit and coming out with only 100 words.
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Last week, I guess no one was sure of who anyone was, and so there were no postings.

This week's prompt is #44 - Conventions

Ah, conventions! Those glorious places where people with a common interests gather to associate, debate and otherwise have a jolly good time.  This week, send the characters to a convention!

Does Cid have to attend a convention for the Association of Space Frontiersmen? Does Yuffie cause a ruckus at the Ninjas For Freedom convention by stealing all the throwing stars? Is Rufus running a panel on alternative energy? What if the characters were dropped into an anime convention and spotted their cosplayers?  Do Sephiroth and Genesis drag Angeal to the Leather Style convention (complete with fashion show)?

Whatever convention the characters go to, remember to write about it in just 100 words.
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The Turks won their swearing contest with Cid Highwind, earning themselves 10 points, a trophy, and a big pot of tea. SOLDIER and Avalanche are wisely sticking to Red Bull.

This week's prompt is #152 - Mistaken Identity

This week, write a drabble that involves an error of identification: whether a person, an item, or an idea! Someone just has to get it all wrong.

Genesis buys the incorrect brand of toothpaste, Reno whacks the wrong target, Cloud gets a cliche mixed up.

Go forth and err, but do so in only 100 words.


Jul. 11th, 2016 02:24 pm
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Title: #$@&%*!
Characters/Pairings: Cid, Cloud
Rating: T for symbol swears
Team: Turks
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: I don't fancy myself a writer, but this just popped in there and I had to.

When I was a kid, there was none of this #$@&% mystical $&^%@. It was science! With science you could do anything! But then #$&^% came along and %^&*$ went out the window. I mean, #&% &#%* where the &$%#$% are the visionaries?! #%@& all of this experimental %^&$%@. @&^%&*!

&#^%$ I need a drink. Woman, get me some %&#@* tea, would ya?

Where was I? Oh yeah. You know how I feel about &^%@% like this. I don't know why I am %&#@ wasting my %^&@ breath talking about it.

Cloud, are you paying attention? Cloud?

Well, #$@%.
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Avalanche managed to engage with other worlds for the win last week with 30 points. The Turks were holding Soldier hostage in a parallel dimension.

This week's prompt is #42 - Cid Highwind

Get into the mind of foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, tea drinking Cid. What kind of tea does he prefer? Science is his jam, but does he have any other major interests? How does he structure his day from the time he rolls out of bed to the time he climbs back in it? What are his dreams for the future? How does he feel about the rest of the party? Will he/can he quit smoking and what kind of special hell would that be for those close to him?

Write us some Cid Highwind in just 100 words.

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Title: When Uni Met Jenny
Characters/Pairings: Unicron, Jenova
Rating: G
Team: Avalanche
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: All three are crossovers with Transformers (G1). I've played in this crossover'verse before. Here is the first ficbit if you're interested.

At first Unicron mistook it for another bit of flotsam dragged into His orbit, and ignored it. Then it landed on His surface, and - spoke.

What a richness/treasure/feast is here. You will be mine, wanderer.

Unicron's laugh, amusement and contempt, echoed soundlessly through the void. You think to consume Me? You are nothing to Me.

Not for long.

Only now Unicron felt it: a twisting infection, subverting His systems to an alien, organic intelligence. With a roar, Unicron jettisoned the infected part of Himself, letting the organism consume what little it had gotten of the God of Chaos.

Two more. )
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 No points were awarded for last week's prompt.

This week's prompt is #41 - Crossovers

Let's play with some crossovers! So, this week give us 100 words of crossing the Final Fantasy VII-verses with any other anime, TV show, video game, etc!

Crossovers galore!  But only in 100 words please.  ^_^
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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #40 - Missing Scenes

In every book, movie, or game there is always a scene or two that we wish the authors/creators would have included. Sometimes this scene is cut for length or for story cohesion.  Many times it was never there to begin with, but our imaginations want it otherwise and that can lead to some great fanfiction.

Your task this week is to find those missing scenes gathering dust in those dark vaults and drag them into the light for all to see.

Reno and Rude weren't always partners in crime for ShinRa - how did they get paired together?  What was Sephiroth's first training session like?  Was there a memorial held for the elder ShinRa? Show us some scenes from those few years that Zack was on the run with a half-comatose Cloud.  Does anyone indulge in a hobby - does General Sephiroth play with crayons? Show us the scientists having lunch in the local cafeteria.  How about the boozing between friends at the Seventh Heaven? What do the Triplets do when they aren't searching for Mother? Give us some buddy time, some haircut scenes, some mundane grocery shopping!

Whatever tickles your imagination for those missing scenes, just make sure they are written in just 100 words.

Oh, and make sure those R-rated and NWS ones are behind a cut please. ^_^
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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #39 - Most Hated Character

Has Cloud managed to rub you the wrong way with all that dilly-dallying?  Is Aerith just to irritating in your book? Does everyone hate Hojo just because he is an evil scientist?  Rufus Shinra - hair-flipping drama queen? Can't understand why everyone is so ga-ga about Zack Fair? And what the hell is so great about Sephiroth anyway? Maybe you just feel sorry for Hollander because everyone hates him so much.

Take all those characters that we love to hate - or at least the one you hate the most - and write them in any scene or situation.  Let us know why you hate them, but only 100 words please.
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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #38 - Unromantic

During a nice dinner for two does Reno let out a long belch?  Does Rufus buy his intended shares of ShinRa stock as a Valentine's Day gift?  Does Vincent have garlic breath? Is Genesis quoting Loveless at every turn killing the mood?  Does Cloud serenade his love with his very poor singing?  Are Cid's cigarettes just too unromantic for you?  Could Yuffie care less about a little romance?

No matter the character or situation, make them unromantic in just 100 words.

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No points were awarded for last week.

This week's prompt is #37 - Anthropomorphism

Take those inanimate objects, those nonhuman beings, those natural or supernatural phenomena and give them human qualities and characteristics. 

Make those swords talk, the Lifestream dance, the Mako cackle, chocobos complain.

Jenova is fair game here since she is an alien-type species and therefore nonhuman - let's hear her whisperings, see her play dress up, get a glimpse of her thoughts.

Do Rude's sunglasses dread being broken?  Does Masamune thirst for blood?  Does Reno's mag rod get a charge or a thrill out of the job?  If Cloud's motorbike could talk would it complain about not getting enough rest? What does Jenova actually tell Kadaj?  Is Tseng's cell phone just completely drained? Do moogles dream?  And of course, I have no issues with you anthropomorphing Cait Sith or Nanaki some more. 

Give those objects a voice, but do it in just 100 words.

(Hapless mod note: sorry for the lateness!)
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Avalanche are responsible in their parenting for 60 points. SOLDIER and the Turks run screaming from the mention of children.

This weeks prompt is #36 - Aerith (Or Aeris, if you prefer).

We are going to have character weeks now and again, so be on the watch for your favorite to turn up. This week it's Aerith/Aeris week.  The drabbles can be about her or just include her, but she has to be there to get points for your team.

Perhaps Zack is trying to propose? Maybe Cloud is making his move?  Does she rig her ceiling so that she can meet men? What does she think of life on the plate? What were the rest of her 23 little luxuries? What does she think when tending flowers?

However you decide to incorporate Aerith/Aeris into your drabble, do it in just 100 words.

(Sorry I am a day late. I was out of town yesterday and away from internet!)
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Title: Not A Crossover, Honest
Characters/Pairings: Reeve/Rufus
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 100
Series: Core Game sorta.

Gene manipulation was one of the better side effects of Hojo's work. It allowed childless couples to have children that were genetic offspring of both parents, even if that would normally be impossible.

That little Anthony was interested in robotics and programming was a given. Reeve and Rufus had both indulged the boy with DIY circuitboards, his own laptop, and spare parts galore.

But when Anthony used this largesse to create bionic armor, with which the twelve-year-old pounded a bully into a wall while declaring himself Just That Awesome, Rufus could only raise his hands with an amused, 'mea culpa'.
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Title: Sharing (Nicely)
Characters/Pairings: OCs
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 100
Series: Core Game

It wasn't as though they were alone. Not really alone-alone. As soon as they were old enough to walk they had tumbled about Edge and found each other, joy and recognition sparking the moment they laid eyes on each other (green blue hazel green green). But Roddy (green) was the only one to have a Mama when he was awake, which made the rest of them kind of curious.

Lily, though, Lily had a Papa. She'd found him all by herself, after the confusing green-and-metal world she'd woken up in went away. She considered carefully; maybe they could share.

Baby Mine

May. 23rd, 2016 05:53 pm
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Title: Baby Mine
Characters/Pairings: Cloud, Reeve, OCs
Rating: G
Team: Avalanche
Word Count: 100

"The DNA samples are incomplete, unfortunately." Reeve politely didn't say due to Meteor. "But what we have is still fairly definitively a match."

Cloud took the printed report Reeve offered him numbly, all his attention on the half-dozen children playing on the carpet. "So, these are... Aeris's children."

Next to him, the white-haired woman whom the only boy called Mama hunched with worry. Reeve noticed a moment before Cloud did, and knelt to speak to her. "Ma'am- I have no intention of taking your son away."

"Others might," the woman whispered, and Cloud felt his protective streak roar to life.


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