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No points were awarded for last week's prompt.

This week's prompt is #20 - Boot Camp/Training

We want to see the early days of training, the hardships of boot camp and who is on the backside of the learning curve.

Is Zack a regular prankster in the barracks? Did Cloud get hazed? Is Tifa training for herself, her father, or something else? Is Yuffie tired of being teased by the others for her motion sickness? How, exactly, does one train to be a Turk? Is Cid a self-taught rocket man, or is there a program for that? How did Genesis handle sharing sleeping quarters during boot camp? 

Whether it is tasting the food for the first time, an ass kicking 20 mile hike, or incredible homesickness, write boot camp or some other training session into just 100 words.

(Sorry for the delay, guys, I've been sick and my brain is mush.)


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